Whoa!! We just discovered this dude today. If you are a fan of Jack Johnson then, for sure, you will dig this artist. Although, in our opinion he blows Jacks music out of the water. This guy has a twist of an Islander accent with a little bit of Maroon 5. His name is Nahko Bear. That’s a fucking cool name bro!

Most of Nahko’s jams are acoustic in nature and they sound awesomely original. He has a very distinct way of singing and playing his strummed guitar that matches his higher pitched voice perfectly.

As a magazine that always looks for ink on Indigenous people we were astounded by the completely professional ink this dude had covering his torso, head and neck! They appear to be a mixture of something street inspired and something tribally influenced. At the time of this article we have not yet reached out to Mr. Bear but we will. Hopefully, we can get a video interview with him because it sounds like he would definitely have a lot to say about politics as well as Indigenous sex appeal in media.

What’s Up With The Video?

(straight from their site)

The upside down U.S. flag is an official signal of distress. It is not meant to be, and is not officially recognized as, any type of disrespect when so displayed for the right reasons https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCARPTIfM7rda0cuXbIppR6w

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