The original indigenous name that Ameriggo Vespucci named himself after (after visiting Amaruca – e.g. The America’s as it was called by the original INDIGENOUS inhabitants centuries before Europeans, Africans, Asians or Red haired “giants” arrived here) and the name that America is named after.
Fun Tip:
Tupac Amaru , the black rapper, is was named by his mother whilst in prison and pregnant with ‘pac. She stated that she wanted to name her son after someone notable,valiant, strong and honorable…so she named him after a Native American warrior named Tupac Amaru – who upon his beheading (at the hands of the Spaniards) said out loud to his captors, and aloud so his countryman could all hear: “I will die as one but I will return as millions!”
Tupac Amura was that mans name.
Amarucans (this is what the people called themselves and were referred to long before European, Africans, Red haired Giants and Asians arrived.)
I will go into depth in an upcoming documentary i am working on about the name Amaruca and why it should matter to you and why Ameriggo Vespucci should be stricken from the history books and the true origins of the name for the America’s should be recognized worldwide and that there should be a national AMARUCA DAY in the united States.
– Tito